Defence reactions

Box: Mechanisms of Resistance

Refractoriness: The pathogen is unable to infect the organism in question.The latter is not susceptible and cannot be designated as a host.

Resistance: Survival of a susceptible host in the presence of a potentiallyletal pathogen.

  1. Non-specific resistance: mechanically conditioned or by physiological characterstics of the host.

  2. Specific or reactive resistance: adaptively increasing by activation of a particular organ system.

  1. innnate (reactive) resistance: immediately starting but only temporarily active. Its effectivity is pheno- and genotypically variable.
    In invertebrates attributable to the internal defence system (IDS).
    In vertebrates contradictorily called "innate immunity".
    Inherited but not memorized

  2. acquired (reactive) resistance: starting initially after a period of latency but subsequently being immediately activated by an "immune response" correctly designed as "protective immunity".
    Memorized but not inherited

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